A Fascinating Story !

Dear children! We hear so many moral stories, many stories of kings, queens, gods and animals. We hear tales of valour, adventures, myth and magic. Which is the mother of all these stories?? We will listen to an interesting tale related to this.

On the snow-capped peaks of Kaila:sa, Mother Pa:rvathi made a request to Lord Siva. She said, “Tell me, O Lord!, a story beyond compare !! A story which was never said, never heard by any!!!” The Lord of Kaila:sa promised that he would say the story next day.


It so happened that Mother Pa:rvathi had a companion by name Yaso:vathi. Yaso:vathi had a friend by name Pushpadantha. He was a parmattha- a category of Siva’s subjects in Kaila:sa. He had been pestering Yaso:vathi from a long time to take him to the palace of Pa:rvathi de:vi. It so chanced that on the day Siva promised to tell the story to Pa:rvathi de:vi, Yaso:vathi transformed Pushpadantha into a parrot and took him along with her to the palace.

Meanwhile Siva entered the palace to tell a never-heard-of story to Pa:rvathi de:vi. Since it was such a special story, Pa:rvathi de:vi asked her companions to go away. Her companions left. However, Pushpadantha in the parrot’s form remained in the palace. Being a parrot, he perched on a swing very near to Pa:rvathi de:vi. As promised, Siva began telling a fascinating story. The name of the story was ‘Tale of Twelve Vidhyadharas’. The story was
beautiful, lively, with fantastic twists and turns and was full of novelty. Pa:rvathi de:vi was delighted.

Unknown to Pa:rvathi de:vi, the parrot too heard the story. After a while, Yaso:vathi came into the palace, took away the parrot and turned it back into Pushpadantha. As the story was very interesting, he told what all he heard to Yaso:vathi. She, in-turn, shared the tale with Pa:rvathi de:vi!

Pa:rvathi de:vi was stunned. It was the same story as told to her by her lord. The story was known to her companion. It was known to the companion’s friend who told her the story. Pa:rvathi de:vi felt that she was cheated by her lord by telling her an old, known story. Meanwhile Parama Siva appeared there. Anguished Pa:rvathi de:vi questioned him as to why had he deceived her by telling her a story known to the entire world.

With his yogic vision, Siva could see all that had transpired. He ordered Pushpadantha and other Pramatthas to appear before him. He called Yaso:vathi and other companions to come to his presence. After all of them assembled, he commanded Pushpadantha to reveal all that had happened. Pushpadantha fell at the feet of Siva and Pa:rvathi de:vi. He begged their pardon. Then he told how he heard the story as a parrot and how he re-told it to Yaso:vathi./h4>

Pa:rvathi de:vi was upset as her desire of hearing a fascinating and un-heard-of story remained unfulfilled. She was angry on Yaso:vathi and Pushpadantha as they were responsible for that. To pacify her, Siva commanded them to be born as human beings on earth. Meanwhile, a pramattha by name Ma:lyava:n took pity over Pushpadantha and requested Lord Siva to show mercy on him. Siva replied, “If so, I command you to be born on earth and help Pushpadantha!”

All the Pramatthas fell at the feet of Siva and Pa:rvathi. They begged for deliverance from the curse. Pitying them, Maha Siva declared thus “Pushpadantha would be born on earth and would be called ‘Vararuchi’. There is one yaksha by name Suprathi:ka. He was cursed by Kube:ra to be born as a ‘pisa:chi’in the forests of dandaka:ranya. He is now roaming as Ka:nabhu:thi in forests.

Ma:lyava:n will be born as a scholar-poet by name Guna:dhya. When Vararuchi narrates my story to Ka:nabhu:thi, Pushpadantha would be free from the curse. When Ka:nabhu:thi conveys the tale to Guna:dhya, Suprathi:ka would be freed from Kubera’s curse. When Guna:dhya makes my story world famous, he will be released from my curse.”

How Guna:dhya made the story world famous is a story by itself !

By the way, what happened to Yaso:vathi! She was born as Ma:layavathi, daughter of king of Simhala. She would
become the reason for which Guna:dhya would write his story !

– By M. Krishnapriya, India, translated by T.Ramakrishna India