Dear Friends,
We have seen how the rat Hiranyaka lost all his hard earned treasure as he narrated the story to his friends the turtle king Mandhara and the crow, Laghupatanakam. Today let’s see what the turtle king got to share with his new friend.

“Friends, money is temporary. Youth doesn’t stay long. Life is all but a bubble. So, it is wise to follow dharma. Dharma is about doing one’s ordained duty. We need to earn what is required for our life. If we try to amass too much for our own, we will meet the fate of our friend, Hiranyaka. We will lose everything”, thus the turtle king Mandhara started his narrative.


There once lived a poor Brahmin, Bhagyakama in a village. He used to tell villagers about auspicious timings based on almanac and guide them in their activities. They used to make nominal contributions for his guidance. He used to lead a simple life from those meagre earnings. But he had lot of aspirations, dreams and goals. He wanted to enjoy lot of pleasures and experience various things in this world. Seeing his condition, Goddess Lakshmi naturally felt compassionate and wanted to help him.

The food that builds strong manas is called satvic aahar (vegetarian food excluding onion, garlic, bottle guard, drumstick, etc).

Immune system originates with strong manas!

One may wonder, can a strong manas really help me in defending against pathogens at physical level, such as corona virus, dengue etc. Let’s think about it. Have you come across someone who is physically very strong and mentally weak. Such people end up having a hard time coping up with any “unpleasant” situation in life. Whereas, people who are not very strong physically but have a strong manas come to rescue others in such situations. The important aspect here is that immunity begins with a strong manas.

When you have a strong manas guided by right intellect, the choices you make in terms of maintaining hygiene, timely diet, right type of food, composed attitude, giving nature will automatically build a defensive mechanism (immune system) to progress with your goals.

How can I assess the strength of my manas ?

Manas is not a visible element. However, it’s strength or weakness is assessed by retrospecting on how one reacts to a situation and the choices one makes.

Satvic aahar strengthens your manas by fuelling it with ability to make wise decisions.

It strengthens your manas by fuelling it with ability to spend right amount of energy where necessary (Ravana, rajasic in nature, spent his energy everywhere wanting to win over everyone. Rama, satvic in nature, chose his battles, spent energy only where necessary). It strengthens your manas by helping you set your priorities right.

Your manas therefore plays a critical role in your overall well-being. Give it right food so that you have a great tool to use in keeping your body healthy for a happier and purposeful life.

Let’s adopt satvic aahar and stay healthy, free from all viruses ! Jai Srimannarayana !