Dear Bhagavad bandhu:o!

Sri:mathe: Ra:ma:nuja:ya Namaha!
Mangala:sa:sanams to you all !

May Mother A:nda:l’s Grace shower in abundance on all of you. You would all be busy in conducting the Marriage of Go:da devi with Rangamanna:r Swami in all its grandeur and spread their Grace to all your near and dear.

May A:nda:l vratam keep our pains and worries at bay! May the green fields result in agricultural bounty. May the cows and cattle that restore richness to fields be hale and healthy! May all homes turns centre of our art and culture, and all is prosperous. May A:nda:l mother’s blessing bring abundance to all these…

With these thoughts, we initiated Dhanurma:sa celebrations at our Srikumari & Rameswaraoji’s residence in Nandagiri Hills, Hyderabad.

On the second day, that is on 17th Dec, we have been invited to perform abhishekam of Vaikuntta dwa:ram at Ashtta Lakshmi temple. When there is an invite to perform se:va at Lord’s abode, we should oblige, so we proceeded for the event.

Due to paucity of time, without observing the preparations, we moved up the support structure to climb on to the temple tower, to perform abhishekam. Steps in the support structure leading to the top of the temple tower were built using tender bamboo branches. As more people started climbing it could not bear the weight. Only eight people went up the structure, but it couldn’t bear even that weight. As we were performing the samprokshanam, the structure gave way and came down by five to six feet. We remained safe by clinging on to the tower walls and kalasams on the tower. After asking the remaining people to climb down to safety, we continued with the prokshanam work as the main kalasam was with us. After completing the prokshanam, we also climbed down the tower safely. “Something” was supposed to happen, but after cuasing some moments of anxiety, everything ended well. Mother Go:da: De:vi and A:cha:rya:’s grace kept us safe without any injury.

Probably something was destined to happen on 17th, but it slipped… As the videos covering part of the incident went viral in social media, it caused lot of anxiety among the people. Many tried to reach us through phone calls, and get the correct news. It would have been good if people shared the complete story. Due to hurry and anxiety, they shot and shared only the part that showed the structure coming down, and not the remaining part. People from across the globe started calling all the known numbers to know the correct news. All our offices were overwhelmed with anxious calls. Many Bhagavad bandhu:s were deeply disturbed. Swamiji’s from various Mutts called us. We conveyed our gratitude to them, and consoled others.

Your love and devotion has increased our responsibility. We need to increase our seva and do more to spread our culture and heritage.

The biggest project in front of us, “Statue of Equality” should be completed soon and dedicated to the world. His Grace is our protection. There are miles to go before the project attains its final shape and completeness. Let us all pray to A:cha:rya to provide us strength and protection to fulfill the mission.

Henceforth we will ensure more care is taken by all concerned while taking up such temple tower projects. We will take enough care not to cause such anxiety and pain to you in future. Mangala:sa:sanams to all of you, and your love and compassion!

—-H.H. Sri Swamiji’s message

Jai Srimannarayana !