One Hiranyaksha in the past, Hundreds Today !

The last few days of November 2019 saw an unimaginable agony with many horrific incidents of atrocities on women in India. They indicate that our country today is filled with hundreds of demons, Hiryanyakshas.

Unless the fitting punishment is given to these “demons” immediately, the atrocities will continue to occur. If the government delays punishments or doesn’t give the correct type of punishment, this will encourage others to commit the same kinds of crimes repeatedly.

Let’s pray to God that the authorities take right decisions immediately in punishing this people.


Let’s also pray that God gives enough strength to everyone, including the families directly affected, to fight strong and stand for just cause.

According to Varaha Purana, nearly to 200 crores years ago, the “first” Hiranyaksha (an immoral, unethical and cruel scientist) experimented with magnetic fields around Earth (Bhumi) and dislocated  Her from the orbit. He tampered Her natural mode of existence. The Earth that we see is governed by an a:dhi devatha, Bhudevi. The magnetic field around  Her was disturbed.

She began to drown as she was no longer in proper orbit. Sriman Narayana appeared in the form of Varaha (a wild boar, His first avatar in the current creation), lifted Her up and placed Her back in an appropriate orbit. However, she expressed her insecurity and fear. Sri Varaha consoled Her and informed Her that He will always be available to Her at Sila Toranam in the hills of Thirumala. This is why all prayers are first offered to Varaha Swami and then to Sri Venkateswara Swami in Tirumala.

Archaeologists have dated Sila Toranam to be a 150 crore+ year old structure. Our panchangam (Vedic calendar) states that the current creation is just under 200 crore years old. Current science has come close to panchangam, but is not quite as accurate.

It’s our responsibility to stay connected to such history which has a wealth of knowledge along with recommended ways of living. These recommendations will enable one to gain the energy and wisdom necessary for a safer and more peaceful life physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.