S.W.O.T Analysis Based on Ra:ma:yana

A search team of va:naras, headed by prince Angada, reached the shore of an ocean. Their mission was to locate Mother Si:tha who was abducted by Ra:vana. They had no clue regarding her location. The time frame for the search given by their king Sugri:va had elapsed. The va:naras decided to end their lives by fasting. They recited the story of Ra:ma and mentioned the demise of great bird Jata:yu. Jata:yu’s brother Sampa:thi overheard the news and asked for more information. Angada narrated the entire episode and also told his plight of not finding Mother Si:tha. The keen-eyed Sampa:thi informed them that Si:tha had been imprisoned in the city of Lanka.

September Magzine 2019 - English

The va:naras were overjoyed. Now they had a reliable information that Mother Si:tha was held by Ra:vana in the city of Lanka. It appeared that their mission of locating Mother Si:tha would be fulfilled soon. They would go to Lanka, confirm her presence and then return jubilantly to their king Sugri:va. Indeed! They would give the good news to Lord Ra:ma as well.

As they stood on the shore, their optimism seemed to recede even as the waves of the ocean. The hurdle they faced was to cross a distance of 100 yo:janas to reach the city of Lanka. How would it be crossed!? Dejection was seen on their faces. Angada hurried to rally their spirits. “Do not be dejected! Keep up your courage! Replacing valour by despair is a sure way to defeat our purpose!! Make no such mistake !!” However, Angada knew the gravity of the situation.

He assembled the leading members of the army and posed a single question: who among them could fly hundred yo:janas, locate Mother Si:tha and return flying across the ocean.Angada amplified further that it was a do or die situation.They can’t go back to King Sugri:va with vague information. They would be surely punished severely. The time allotted for their search mission was over. They must act swiftly and precisely and obtain result. Standing on the shore Angada wondered who the ‘one’ was!

It was a tough call. None dared to take it. Angada continued to remind them of their deeds of strength and valour. Some of them came up with honest self-appraisals. Gaja said he could cross ten yo:janas. Gava:ksha assured twenty. Gavaya knew that he could cross thirty yo:janas. Sarabha said forty, Gandhama:dana was capable of crossing fifty yo:janas. Maindana said sixty, Dvivida said seventy, Sushe:na would make it up-to eighty. The veteran Ja:mbavan said that he could stretch himself to ninety yo:janas but no further. He said that his days
of youthful strength were over and his abilities had reduced. Earlier he could easily accomplish the task but now age was telling on him. Prince Angada said that he could fly across the ocean covering the entire 100 yo:jans but was doubtful if he could come back.

Since there was none capable but him, Angada planned to fly across the ocean and accomplish the mission by himself. Ja:mbavan prevented him by saying that the leader of the group must not become an emissary. Angada questions, “Who else would go? Don’t you know that punishment awaits us from King Sugri:va if we do not accomplish the mission? It is better we fast unto our own extermination rather than undergo a punishment. Find out a way, elderly Ja:mbavan!”

Ja:mbavan turns his experience into action. Hanuma:n was sitting a little away from the group. Ja:mbavan turned to Hanuma:n and encouraged him. He reminded Hanuma:n of his valour and strength. Did he not, as a child, leap towards sun considering it to be a red fruit? Who else was capable of crossing ocean and return? Who else would accomplish the task if not him!? How could he remain silent when there was a crisis looming over them?

Thus encouraged, Hanuma:n expanded his body. He appeared like a blazing mountain. His words were full of self-assertion. He took Ja:mbavan’s blessings and leapt into air. Beholding the spectacle, the va:naras leapt in joy.

This episode from Kishkindha ka:nda of Ra:ma:yana brings to our mind the idea of modern day SWOT analysis. Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats for organisations are analysed at project planning stage. The analysis gives insight of the capabilities of the organisation and also feasibility of the ‘to-be-taken-up’ projects. It helps to mitigate weaknesses, turning threats into opportunities and also to combine strengths with opportunities to derive maximum benefit.

The ‘Strengths’ of the va:naras are several. The presence Hanuma:n is a great strength. Angada’s leadership is exemplary. Other va:naras trust him. He inspires his army and then asks right questions to the prominent vanaras. Angada reveals his limitations and is heroic enough to venture forth despite his imitations. The leaders among va:naras are committed to the objective of finding Mother Si:tha. They are open minded and value oriented. They reveal their true strengths without trying to appear better than what they were. Va:naras have Ja:mbavan in their team. He is strong, matured, all-knowing and is good at the art of persuasion.

The ‘weaknesses’ of va:naras surfaces out due to the gigantic nature of the task ahead of them. The task is so huge that they despaired again and again. All their strengths turn into pale when the task was to cross hundred yo:janas of ocean and explore the impregnable and sophisticated fortress of Lanka.

Sampa:thi provides vital information to va:naras regarding whereabouts of Mother Si:tha. The va:naras made good of the opportunity.

The threats to Va:naras are the ocean and the city of Lanka. Enormous physical strength is need to cross the ocean by 100 yo:janas and return. Also the city of Lanka is very well fortified. Entering the city is a challenge by itself! Searching Mother Si:tha is more
difficult in that vast city !

It can be observed that the leaders of the va:naras were clear about their Mission of Searching for Mother Si:tha and were also aware of their ‘Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats’. Ja:mbavan guarded the va:naras from their weaknesses by preventing Angada from venturing out. Also he used the existing threats to inspire Hanuma:n and mentored him adequately to bring out his latent power. They made good of the opportunity provided by Sampa:thi. The va:naras capitalised on their strengths and emerged successful in their mission of searching Mother Si:tha ! Indeed! They successfully implemented strategies which evolved from their SWOT analysis!!

– Translated by Ramakrishna T.
From Telugu BN