Simple Manners Of Noble Souls

Last month we saw how a flock of pigeons flew towards grains spread over a piece of land in the midst of the forest. They set aside the advice of their leader Chitragreeva and heeded the words of an old pigeon in the flock, not to say no to the food provided to them by God.

The pigeons landed and started eating the grains on the ground. Soon they realized they are trapped in the net. Immediately they started blaming the old pigeon for their fate. “It’s not the age, but wisdom that makes one wise. We unnecessarily heeded to your advice and are now trapped. We should have listened to the words of our leader”, they started blaming and lamenting


To this Chitragreeva responded, “Let’s not blame him for this state. He had suggested what he felt is good. What happened to our intelligence? Elders say, if someone suggest something we should listen to that, but take decision after thinking through and due diligence. We didn’t do that. It’s our bad time that we are trapped. Further, when faced with a challenge we should look at avenues to overcome the problem.
Blaming and lamenting doesn’t help. Let’s explore the means to overcome this challenge”. Thus saying the leader steered the conversation towards solution.

He suggested, “I have an idea. If we all fly together at once we can first get away along with the net to a safer place. Don’t doubt about the feasibility. Together Everyone Achieves More. Small blades of hay when woven together make a strong enough rope to tie an elephant. Together we can easily lift this net away from here.

If anyone has a better suggestion, we can explore that option as well.” All the pigeons consented to the suggestion of Chitragreeva. Without wasting further time, they flew at one go and off they went into the sky along with the net

The crow Laghupatanakam, which was watching all this silently, also followed the pigeons to see what happens next. The hunter who was eagerly moving towards them to have a feast was dumbstruck at this sudden turn of events. He followed for a distance hoping to catch them when they land. However, after a distance he felt tired and stopped.

While still on flight, Chitragreeva said, “Our mother, father and friends are the only ones we can rely upon on earth. Others flock around us based on the situation or circumstance to benefit from us. My friend Hiranyaka, a rat lives in this forest. If we fly to him, he can bite away the net and free us.”

The pigeons agreed and flew as directed by Chitragreeva and landed in front of Hiranyaka’s house. On hearing the huge thud sound of the birds’ landing, Hiranyaka doubted danger and hid deeper in his home.

Chitragreeva called out, “Hey Hiranyaka! Please come out I am your friend Chitragreeva”. Hearing this Hiranyaka came out and was surprised to see his friend’s condition

He asked, “What happened?”

“Probably result of some bad deeds we have done in the past”, responded Chitragreeva.

Hiranyaka approached Chitragreeva and started biting off the net around his friend’s legs. Chitragreeva said, “Stop my friend. First free my friends and then you may free me up”. To this Hiranyaka responded, “I have grown old and my teeth has also become weak. Probably I may not be able to free them all. Let me first free you, then let us see how many of your friends I can help.”

For this Chitragreeva said, “Oh! Sorry. We cannot expect someone to do something beyond their capacity. In that case first free my friends. Let’s see what we can do after that.”

Hiranyaka was surprised at this response. He asked, “Do we see this anywhere in the world. Is it not always wise to take
care of us before helping others? How can we help others when we are in trouble?”

Chitragreeva smiled and said, “What you say is logical and makes sense. But a king or leader should first take care of
his subjects. He should be even willing to put his life at risk for the sake of his subjects. What use is my leadership when I am not able to do so? I don’t pay them salaries nor do I give them anything else. They accepted me as their leader expecting that I will take care of them. In times of difficulty if I take care of my safety first without bothering about them, my leadership has no meaning. So, please free them up before me.” Hiranyaka was impressed. He took time, but freed up the entire flock.

Thus the pigeons overcame their trouble. What about the story of the crow Laghupatanakam? Come let’s learn about him
in the coming months. Till then, good bye!

– Tanslated by Balaji Gorantla from Telugu original by
Molagu Krishn Priya, Veerullapadu