The Unfading Light of Knowledge

The combination of extraordinary scholarship and the ability to communicate the depths of it in simple, clear terms is extremely rare.Often we find that the speeches of well-learned and authentic scholars fail to touch the hearts of the
audience. And those who give impressive lectures often lack the rigour and authenticity in the subject!

Sri U.Ve. Sri:ma:n N.C. Raghuna:ttha:cha:rya Swami is one such a noble soul in whom both these traits shone brilliantly. On one hand, experts in Sanskrit grammar and Ve:dic philosophy proclaimed him to be the final line of authority in scriptures, while on the other hand, he could deliver even complex scriptural topics in a very lucid manner which were easily understood by ordinary people.

Common audience is awestruck when they hear speeches of well-learned scholars. They begin at some topic and gradually drift away to other topics. Not only general audience, even scholars get confused regarding such public addresses. However Sri:ma:n Raghuna:ttha:cha:rya Swami’s speeches were well incontrol and in simple language. Both scholars and public could easily grasp the content and context of his speeches.

Our beloved Swami was felicitated with many titles like “Maha:maho:pa:dhya:ya”, “Kavisa:bdika
ke:sari”, “Va:chaspathi”, “Doctorate” etc. His day to day life was untouched by the fame that these titles brought along. He dressed himself in a simple manner. He was humility personified.

His oratory, teaching methodology, correlation of scriptures always enlightened the scholars. When he expounded the scriptures, they would be surprised to find that even the topics which they thought they knew well had deeper meaning and other dimensions. His expositions would evoke deep interest in the common people towards scriptures and culture. He had an exceptional and delightful style of revealing the meanings of the scriptures. If he found any deviation from sa:stra in the speeches and writings of others,he would straightaway correct them whether they be scholars or novices. Our Raghuna:ttha:cha:rya Swami was large hearted enough to rectify when he found errors.

In the knowledge of scriptures and tradition, our Swami is comparable to the great Ve:da:nta De:sika.
He also displayed the traits of renunciation which De:sika had. Sri:ma:n Raghuna:ttha:cha:rya Swami lived a contended life.

Our association with Sri:ma:n Raghuna:ttha:cha:rya Wwami began in 1975 during “Ubhaya Ve:da:ntha Sabha”, a conference where distinguished scholars would lecture on topics from ve:da:ntha and dra:vida divya prabandham. The association grew year by year and led to the foundation of “Satsamprada:ya parirakshana sabha” in Warangal. Although there were some hitches at times due to various reasons, our association with him was memorable and enlightening.

Sri:ma:n Go:pa:la:cha:rya Swamiji of great fame is our a:cha:rya. Next to our a:charya, we received
the most guidance and direction from Sri:ma:n Raghuna:ttha:cha:rya Swami. His presence would fill us with courage and confidence. He bestowed mangala:sa:sanams to us when we explained him the project of ‘Samatha Mu:rthi’ during Bhagavad
Ra:ma:nuja Sahasra:bdhi.

On 13th October, at 7:30 in the morning, our H.H. Sri Swamiji’s Message Swami gave up the tie with his body. By virtue of the association with his a:cha:rya’s feet, he left for the divine abode of Sriyahpathi in Vaikunttam. He lived an eventful life of 93 years. We had 43 years of intimate association with Swami.

It is a bitter and a scary fact that we can neither see him in the physical form nor listen to his insightful advices. We no longer have him to provide us clarification about scriptures when we are in doubt.The books he authored are our only refuge.

Our courage and consolation springs from the thought that he has left us with a treasure house of knowledge which would everguide us in understanding the scriptures.

After attaining the abode of Sriyahpathi, he must be actively participating in the scriptural discussions
there also. Swami who must have attained the eight eternal qualities of the soul, may ever bestow his grace on his entire family. We offer such mangala:sa:sanams to him.

His spouse Sri:mathi Si:thamma was ever engaged in study and discussions on na:layira divya prabandham along with him. We offer our mangala:sa:sanams to her along with their four daughters and family members that Lord Sriyahpathi may provide them strength and stability to withstand the situation.

May all the devotees who have a jna:na sambandha, the relationship by virtue of the knowledge he gave, with our Sri:ma:n Raghuna:ttha:cha:rya Swami may endure this state of mental distress. May the devotees protect and propagate the wisdom graced by our Swami. As desired by our Swami, to his pleasure, let us live by our tradition and philosophy and pass it on the next generations in an undistorted way. We bestow our mangala:sa:sanams to all the devotees as well.