Unguided emotion is dangerous !

Once upon a time there was a farmer named Somanath in a village. He was living with his wife in a small house near his farm. One day a mongoose entered his house since it was near the farm. The farmer’s wife was kind enough to feed the little and looking cute red-mouthed mongoose with milk and fruit pieces. The mongoose became a pet to both of them and a member of their family.

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Gradually the mongoose grew up and became strong, well built and became a good companion to the farmer’s wife.

After some time, farmer’s wife was blessed with a baby. The couple was overwhelmed with joy and felt that the mongoose’s entry is what brought them the fortune of becoming parents. They were taking care of the mongoose with more love and care.

After a month or so, one day when Somanath went to his field, his wife went to the lake to fetch water.

The mongoose was guarding the child by walking here and there and going up and down the cradle. In the meanwhile, a snake had entered through the door gap and was going towards the cradle.

Seeing its enemy near the cradle, mongoose pounced on the snake and there was a fight between them.

At last mongoose bit and killed the snake. The mongoose’s red mouth became brighter with the snake’s blood and its body had blood stains.

In the field, Somanath met Bheemaiah, another farmer. During their conversation there was a mention about the mongoose.

Bheemaiah told Somanath that it was dangerous to grow a mongoose when there were kids at home. Somanath replied that the mongoose was there with them since before the arrival of their kid.

Bheemaiah responded that one cannot trust animals which obsess only over food. The mongoose may harm the child. Somanath refused to believe it and they left for their houses.

When Somanath returned home, the mongoose came running towards him happily to share what had happened to his master by licking his legs. By seeing the mongoose’s mouth covered with blood and body with blood stains, he doubted it because of the words told by Bheemaiah. He made a hasty conclusion that the mongoose had harmed his son and with anger he threw the stick on it. Mongoose fell down, rolled in pain and died.

In the meanwhile, his wife returned home with water from back entrance. She saw the snake pieces and guessed what had happened. Immediately she came inside the house and saw her husband in a terrible mood and the dead mongoose. She started weeping for what happened.But nothing can be done for what has happened.

So children, that’s why our elders say “sahasa: vidadhi:ta na kriya:m” .

So let’s come to the conclusion to act not with emotion but with thinking.

– By M. Krishnapriya, India, translated by T. Amukta Malyada, Chennai