Our Team

Deepthi Chinthapatla
National Director

Deepthiji has been working with the Bhakthinivedana english team ever since it began. She communicates for Bhakthinivedana activities.

Sampath Nellutla
Support Lead

Sampathji has been active on the Bhakthinivedana support team answering any issues customers face.

Seetha Rama Rao Boyinepally

Sitaramji has been leading the treasury for Bhakthinivedana & finances.

Hari Prasad Ramanuja Dasa
Delivery Lead

Hariji has been distributing copies and been making sure that copies get delivered to any subscriber who didn’t get it.

Pardhasaradhi Namburi
Tech Lead/Advisor

Pardhasaradhiji has been managing the website for USA and executing strategies for the team.

Swetha ba
Co-Marketing lead

Swethaji helps with the resources for Bhakthinivedana for promoting it and helps spread Bhakthi Nivedana all over the world

Rohit Nannegari
Co-Marketing lead

Rohitji campaigns with ads, promotes and helps with resources, completing tasks to spread Bhakthinivedana far and wide.