God’s Go:thra !

We have seen how Karataka poisoned King Pingalaka’s mind about his loyal minister Sanjeevaka. Damanaka showed solution to a non-existing problem.

King Pingalaka showed signs of falling into their trap. Karataka continues the ill-advice. “It is a twoedged sword. If we forgive anjeevaka, he may continue doing the mistakes. That may lead us into bigger trouble tomorrow. If we kill him as punishment, probably we may have acted in haste. We need to get to bottom of the facts before taking any action. Let us have a conversation with him. After hearing him out, let us decide the next course of action.”

This convinced Pingalaka further. He completely falls into Kartaka-Damanaka’s trap.

Sanjeevaka was absolutely unaware of the plot in the background. He was happy to see Damanaka. He welcomed his friend and asked him to take a seat.

Damanaka kept a worrying face. He took the seat and said in a tone of sadness, “I need to share something to you, in private.”

Sanjeevaka was puzzled. He requested his other friends around to leave. After they left, he turned to Damanaka and said, ‘Tell me what is troubling you.’

Damanaka started his narrative…

King Pingalaka is deeply convinced that you are plotting against him. Someone has noticed you moving around with his erstwhile betrayers. They have poisoned his mind against you. He has summoned me to arrest you and bring to him. I convinced him to be considerate.

I said, ‘Let us not take any steps in haste. Let us verify the facts before coming to any conclusion. It will be disgraceful, if Sanjeevaka is proved innocent. I will bring Sanjeevaka with all honour he rightfully deserves.

’ Fortunately he agreed to the suggestion.

Sanjeevaka was deeply worried. He lamented, “It is not true. Why will I betray a good friend and king? Someone is acting against me. It looks like, I will meet the same fate as the camel faced from the lion based on ill advice”

‘Who’s that camel? What’s that story?’ Damanaka got curious.

Sanjeevaka started his narration.

“Once, there lived a lion in the jungle. He had a crow, fox and tiger serving him. All three did not have good intentions. They stayed protected under the Lion. They became lazy and stopped hunting. They fed on the remains of Lion’s preys.”

The second of the two forms is based on the first form, vibhava. The same form of the vibhava such as Sri Rama or Sri Krushna is carved from a selectively chosen stone by a sculptor and is consecrated by de:vatha:s, sages or great devotees. Such form is called the archa: mu:rthi, the deity form of God. This form, the deity, is accessible to everyone. Thus, He carries the Go:thra and rushi pravara of His root form, A:di Na:ra:yana.


Go:thra – Vasishta [name of the root seer] Vs Achyutha [prime quality of God] Achyutha Go:thra means one who never gives up on those who seek Him

Rushi Pravara – Va:sishta, Maitra:varuna, Koundinya Vs Para, Vyu:ha, Vibhava, Antharya:mi


Vishno:re:sha: anapa:yani : – Mother Lakshmi always accompanies Lord Vishnu in every form He takes to protect us.

Go:thra – Gowthamasya S o w b h a g y a [prime quality of Mother] Vs Sowbhagya Go:thra denotes that Her purpose is to give sowbhagyam, (all types of wealth) to everyone through Na:ra:yana

Rushi Pravara – Gowthama, Swarnaro:ma, Hrasvaro:ma Vs Kshi:ra:rnava, Ratna:kara, indicating Her appearance as she meditated upon God’s divine form and qualities represented by pure and clean milk radiating glory of all relations with God represented by precious gems


Self-check : Every day in the morning and evening, do you spend time with archa: mu:rthi in your prayer room and/or do you visit any temple at regular intervals to seek peace, enlightenment and solutions to problems in life?

If so, remember that Lord Narayana’s Go:thra, achyutha indicates that He will never give up on you. Remember that Mother Lakshmi’s Go:thra sowbhagya indicates that she is ever ready to grace you with all the wealth . Their union, SITHA RAMA KALYANAM therefore is essential for our well-being. However, you must self-check if you believe in them. If so, there is nothing else that you need to worry about

Jai Sri:manna:ra:yana!

– From the discourse of HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji –
Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanam, Divya Saketham – 21stApril 2021