Go:vardhanam Bhakthinivedana Annual Contest 2020

Quiz Contest

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Sample Questions

  1. When Lord came in the man -lion , He was called

a) Kurma 

b) Hayagriva

c) Na:rasimha 

d) Varaha

  1. What is the moral of the story, Be Aware of Greed?

a) Wise people earn wealth in the right way and fulfil their desires in the right way

b) Try to amass only so much wealth that you can sustain

c) The brahmin could not benefit even when goddess of wealth appeared before him due to his bad quality, greed

d) All the above

  1. According to the history of Tirumala, the following waters are considered sacred for bath of Lord Srinivasa

a) A:ka:saganga

b) Bangaru Ba:vi

c) Pa:pana:sanam

d) All of the above

  1. The ruler of the Kalinga Kingdom is Pratapa Rudra Gajapathi

a) True

b) False

  1.  How many ra:kshasas were killed by Sri Rama in the war with Khara? 

a) 1500

b) 220

c) 170,000

d) 14,000 



ga:vo mey cha:grathaha santhu ga:vo mey santhu pa:rsvathaha | ga:vo me: prushtathaha santhu gava:m madhye vasa:myaham ||”