Recap: Sri Krushna journeyed into the forest to prove his innocence, that he did not steal “Samanthakamani ”. In the forest, he found evidence of the death of Prasenajith. By looking at some hints, he was able to find out that a lion killed Prasenajith and got his Samanthakamani. When Krushna was going deep into the forest, he was suddenly surrounded by a few women in masks.

Sri Krushna had to fight with Jambavathi, who was the leader of their army. During this encounter, Jambavathi fell in love with Sri Krushna and ran into the forest with shyness, and Sri Krushna started looking for her. Let’s see what happens next… S ri Krushna was mesmerized by the experience of meeting Jambavathi. He compared the way she left the place to a beautiful river flowing between mountains and a butterfly spreading the sweet smell of lotus. Sri Krushna was completely in love with Jambavathi and was getting desperate to meet her, talk to her and start searching for her.

Her beautiful face makes me feel like looking at her again and again, and her sweet voice makes me feel like listening to her. My heart is desperate, “Sri Krushna started thinking deeply. My heart does not want to re-experience anything again, but this time I feel that if I miss this beautiful girl, I will not be able to find her again! Saying so, Sri Krushna walks into the forest with the hope of finding her.

On his way, Sri Krushna found pearls like 2 eyes on the tree trunks showing guidance to Jambavathi’s place. Following those eyes, Sri Krushna started moving further.

The cave resembled a bird’s nest on Vamana’s feet that covered the earth. The front side of it looked like the middle part of Hanuman’s feet that were stretched while searching for Seetha Devi during Ramayana.

“What a big cave! It looks like the serpent that came to swallow me when I was a young baby, “exclaimed Sri Krushna. The entrance of the cave is decorated with Rangoli designs and the impressions of the women whom he met. Sri Krushna carefully followed those footprints and entered the tunnel.

That tunnel is illuminated with fire flies showing the way. Frogs, squirrels, and big lizards have been running around. A big owl flying upside down appeared and quickly disappeared.

“Sri Krushna continued to walk and started identifying objects in the dark. He came on to a smooth rock, where he slipped and was able to withstand holding a pillar. He then started walking very slowly, like he used to walk to Gopikas’s house to get butter and milk.

With his pranayama practice, he was able to hold his breath and get onto a river with a bridge that was decked with lights. Inside that cave were the drawings of Ramayana. He was very surprised to see them. Close to him, he saw Sri Rama’s drawing of Putrakameshti yagam. Looking at that, he was filled with happiness and started walking further.

Some of the drawings are getting painted and covered with clothes. It appears that these drawings are getting painted for his arrival. He saw the drawings of Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha, and Kshathragna. Sri Krushna stopped there and started relaxing on a nearby stone.

After some time…

He heard two women talking, and an elderly lady said, “Oh Jambavathi, why are you dressed in these men’s clothes? You are roaming around the forest with other women. Your father has pampered you a lot.

” Seventeen years back, a few sages appeared before him and said, “Oh Jambavantha, this beautiful little baby was found in the Tulasi garden in our Ashram. She is Vana Lakshmi. Please take her responsibility as your daughter”. Your father was filled with happiness. From that day onwards, every day was a birthday for you. Go take a shower and dress up like Sri Mahalakshmi. We have to see what new gift you will get today from your father. ”

These conversations are heard by Sri Krushna. He then thinks the beautiful lady that mesmerizes him is Jambavathi!! And this is Jambavantha’s cave

– Translated by Neetha
Dingari, from Telugu BN